Computer Lab Management

What We Do

This service is primarily for departments / Schools / Offices which offer a computer lab for their students / employees. We provide customized computer lab management service so the client does not need to deal with the day to day management of the lab. We tailor a solution based on the client’s needs, from complete management of labs including software, hardware, upgrades and staffing to solutions as simple as maintaining their current software

Aire Solutions agrees to perform the following services:

All services described herein are to be performed by Aire Solutions or its contractors in accordance with the most commonly accepted standards and practices of the Computer Services Industry. That is to say, we will use latest technologies that are most universally acceptable in order to satisfy the broadest market possible.


The client and Aire Solutions agreed that the services described in this contract shall be charged as per demanded service & prices may vary according to the required service. All payments shall be made in Advance & are mutually agreed.


The terms and conditions set forth in this document constitute the sole agreement between Aire Solutions and the client regarding these services. Any additional work not specified in this contract must be authorized in writing. Should the client desire additional services beyond the original services specified above, the client agrees, to pay Aire Solutions an additional charge as per required services.


Will be as per agreement.